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Saturday, April 07, 2007

Bible -based thoughts for everyday true perception of reality

Todo o dia eu decido seguir a Deus.
(Isto é feito de uma forma deliberada,consciente;porque você sabe que precisa usar seu livre-arbítrio e ,como Deus não nos força a nada(nos respeita e orienta),vamos segui-lo a aprender mais com Ele,e vivermos mais felizes, com uma base real e eterna,pois somos espíritos por Ele criados para vivermos não só aqui...)

Amo ao Deus Eterno porque Ele me ouve e escuta minhas orações.Sal-116.

I set myself apart for Jesus,away from those who do evil things,away from sin.

Friday, October 20, 2006

Rick Warren-"Purpose-driven Life","What on earth am I here for?"

Great Book written by Rick Warren"Purpose-driven life"","What on earth am I here for?", about the meaning of life.
Usually people focus in themselves for getting this information,however,wisely put did inspirationally Rick teaches us to notice, from a perspective of the Creator,to observe and reflect on this real-factual thing "only the inventor of a new invention knows the purpose of it, not the invention itself',blatantly speaking.
Should we be humble enough just to accept this and learn from our Creator what is good for ourselves?or do we think we know enough?
Every discovery means what it means a dis-cover.Some info was taken from somewhere it had always been hidden by the Creator (the cover).The person we recognize as being the Discoverer is the one ,thru his efforts,God´s inspiration,etc who succeded in openning it up.

Monday, September 25, 2006


In those days when it seems you don´t feel anything and you want to follow Jesus´s principles then,I just know thereis one way ,pray or consciously let the ego follow your obedience..,just obey and trust n(even when no feelings get around)

Sunday, September 10, 2006


And Jesus was baptized by John,the Baptist,when He was 33yrs old.
God did this as Jesus,the Christ, as an example of obedience to us.He received the holy spirit and started His ministry.Reflect on the effects of this act..

Wednesday, September 06, 2006


No obligation for it,but inspiration,something you think it´s worth reflecting about for the people you care for and who care for these ideas.People who can come up with new ideas based on these,too; or not ,but who may feel motivated or inspired by them either at the moment or later...

Monday, September 04, 2006

I mean iT

When every word you type you mean it,words are a expression of yourself,no metaphors,no alegories..blantly..they are concretely what it is room for double interpretation,and so misinterpretation.Can you write like that?...You´re a kind of genie..,if not, try doing it and later imagine somebody reading without misinterpreting...Have a try!